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Retired Cats


With a very heavy heart I've decided to make Orsolya (Orr-Shoy-Uh available to a new home. She is not happy with the number or cats in our cattery, and truly wants to be done raising kittens. I owe so much to this girl, and owe it to her to give her a home she can be happy in. She does well with our dogs, she absolutely loves people, especially children. She would be happiest in a home by herself or with one or two other cats with very mellow demeaners. She is over kittens pouncing on her, but can enjoy the company of some cats. She is a older retiree, but still very playful and in great health. As a show cat she was a regional winner and earned her Supreme Grand Champion. She had two litters with us her Lord of the rings litter & Vikings litter. Please fill out one of our retired cat applications if you are interested in Orsolya.

Color: (Black) Brown Spotted Tabby
Birth Date: 02/27/2018

Blood Group: A

FeLV/FIV: Negative
PKD: Negative by DNA & Ultrasound 

PK Def: Negative by DNA
HCM - 2 Echocardiograms by a board certified cartiologist.

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