Our Queens

Photography by Helmi Flick

Ch Cica Rusalka Ariel of Berstuk

2019 Best Blue Silver Classic Tabby Siberian of the year (TICA )

Rusalka is Russian for Mermaid/Siren, we thought it fitting with her beautiful blue silver coat. Rusalka is a very sweet girl, she loves to play and will cuddle all night with you. She is a amazing mother to her kittens. She goes above in beyond in caring for her babies, we could not ask for a better mother for our kittens. We are very excited for her future as a show cat & mother. 

Rusalka produces these colors with Rasputin.

- Silver Classic Tabby, Silver Spotted Tabby & Black Smoke

Color: Blue Silver Classic Tabby
Birth Date: 12/05/15

Blood Group: A

FeLV/FIV: Negative
CPC: C/C - Not a Colorpoint carrier

PKD: Negative by DNA & Ultrasound 01/30/18

PK Def: Negative by DNA
HCM: Normal 02/08/18 by Justin Thomason DVM, DACVIM

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