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About Siberians

Many people including myself find out about Siberians because they themselves or someone they love has cat allergies. When I found that their was a cat breed I could have, it didn't matter to me what they were like. I was a cat lover through and through, I can happily say now I am blessed my husband is allergic to cats. I never would have met this breed otherwise. They make me laugh everyday and I hope that they give you as much joy as they give my family.


Siberians are very affectionate cats, often referred to as "dog like". They are very active inquisitive cats, that need to be with their people. This is not a breed for someone that is away from home regularily. They do best with another cat or pet friend in the home. They are very intelligent and natural problem solvers. I am amazed at the "problems" they solve, like how to open doors or get into things you prefer they didn't. Siberians need a lot of mental & physical exercise, if you don't provide it they will find it for themselves. Their fearless calm demeaner make them wonderful pets for families with children.


Siberians are medium to large stockily built cats. Males are usually signifigantly larger then females. Males are usually between 12-18lbs when fully mature, females tend to be 7-12lbs. But they have been known to grow larger. Radagast's grandfather was a whopping 26lbs! of solid muscle. Siberians are very slow maturing taking as much as 5 years to fully mature. 

Coat Maintenance

Siberians have a dense triple coat to protect them from the harsh Taiga enviroment they are from. Their coat has a slightly coarse texture to wick away water and prevent matting. Siberians shed seasonally in the Spring and Fall. During this time the coat may need increased brushing and bathing to reduce shedding and matting. Feeding quality foods high in protein such as wet or raw can help prevent excessive shedding. Each cat is an individual some needing more coat maintenance then others. Like most cats, Siberians do best with monthly degreasing baths & regular brushing. We highly recommend finding a cat groomer to do these baths for your cat. 

Coat Colors

Siberians come in and are accepted in all colors and patterns. At Berstuk we only breed for the Traditional colors of Siberians. If you are interested in a Color Point/Neva Masquerade Siberian we can help you find a reputable breeder. 

CFA judge Joan Miller talking about the Siberian breed

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