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Berstuk Kittens

Our Pet Quality kittens are $2,400. All of our pet kittens are altered before leaving our cattery. We rarely sell breeder/show quality kittens, and only to approved breeding programs participating in The Siberian Cat Health Association.

Avaliable kittens can be found on our Avaliable Kitten page, or on our Facebook page

What do you get with your kitten?

  • A kitten with health tested parentage for HCM,Felv/Fiv,PKD,PK Def          

  • Age appropriate vaccines (kittens leave at 16 weeks)

  • TICA or CFA registration blue slip

  • Contract including Health Guarantee

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • Health Records

  • Microchip & Registration

  • Lifelong support & guidance for your kitten

Applying for a Berstuk Kitten

Fill out a kitten application - We do not keep a wait list, we publish upcoming litters on our website & our facebook page.

We will respond typically within 72 hours, If we have any follow up questions please respond back as your responses help us determine the best homes for our kittens. If we have not responded within 72 hours please e-mail us at
To Reserve a kitten, we require a $1,200 dollar deposit (non-refundable which goes toward the purchase price) 
(Kittens are not reserved until we receive a deposit by an approved applicant)
Once reserved,  you will receive weekly updates on your kitten.
The remaining purchase price ($1,200) is due prior to the kittens spay/neuter appointment (14-15 weeks).Payments must be made thru Venmo,Paypal,Zelle or Cash for in person pickup.

**We reserve the right to hold back any kitten for show or breeding homes or to become part of our breeding program. Berstuk also reserves the right to cancel the purchase process at any time, if we deem a home is not best suited for our kittens**

Consider a retired cat

As cute as kittens are, they may not be the best choice for every home. Homes with small children or family members with allergies should consider a adult cat. The beauty of getting a retired adult is you will know quickly if the cat will cause problems with allergies. Kittens have lower allergen levels then they will have as an adult. So a kitten may be fine when the family brings them home, but as they grow their allergen levels could become unbearable. When getting a kitten their is no guarantee they will have the same allergen load as their parents. So even using a fur sample or a visit with the parents will not determine the kittens future allergen load. Another point to consider is retired cats also have been well socialized from cat shows, not much will faze them in a home setting. Also if the price of a kitten is too high, a retired cat is a great option. We retire our cats no later than 6 years old, so they have plenty of years with their future families. 

Home Visits

Because of the inherent risks of inviting strangers into our home, we only allow our kitten families to visit our home. In a ideal world we would love to show everyone our cats and our home, but the risk is too great for us and our cats. For allergy testing we can send you a fur sample($10) to test your allergies with our Siberians. If you do not live far from our cattery, we could meet you at a pet friendly store to test you allergies. 


Due to APHIS guidelines, regarding the sale of of pets by hobby breeders,All Berstuk kittens will need to be picked up by their new family, or have arrangements made with us to deliver kitten (At owners expense). For those out of town, we may be willing to travel to bring you your kitten. We are one hour from the Kansas City area.  Depending on our show schedule we can also bring your kitten with us to a show closer to you

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